#BankPomysłów. Bank of ideas.

When the coronavirus struck, the Polish government immediately took preventive measures. In order to contain the epidemic nurseries, schools and universities were closed, as were all public offices. All citizens were advised to, when possible, stay indoors to protect themselves and others around them. Society responded with positive understanding and embraced the opportunities that arose.

People spontaneously launched many hashtags urging others to remain at home (such as #zostanwdomu, #siedzęwdomu to name just a few). When everyone stepped out of their usual busy routines it turned out that people started noticing many positive sides to this forced ‘holiday’.

Ok, it’s easy to say ‘stay home’ but what comes next? What should you do?

That’s where the #bankpomyslow stepped in – a small think-tank initiative which offers light-hearted ways in which you can spend your time whilst waiting for the epidemic to falter.

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