Welcome to Poland – the country where streets are deserted, bus seats are empty, and the coronavirus has no chance of spreading!

You won’t find such decisive, courageous, and wide-ranging measures applied with a level-headed attitude in times of chaos anywhere else. #zostanwdomu (#StayAtHome)

Just to remind you: despite a low number of confirmed infections the Polish government decided to close all nurseries, schools, and public offices. People responded with initiatives online aimed at supporting the ‘stay at home’ plea. They went viral (pun not intended ? )! And were seen by over 8 million users in just a few hours!

These videos are often light-hearted yet to-the-point. They promote a positive attitude whilst communicating messages of a serious nature. One of such #zostanwdomu initiatives suggests that this whole crisis can become a blessing in disguise. We can finally slow down and indulge in precious moments to pay attention to ourselves. Indispensable during such hard times! How can we do it? By letting ourselves be inspired, spending time to the benefit of ourselves and the society. We should do whatever we want as long as we stay at home!

Watch the video, and… #StayAtHome

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