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Stanisław Wyspiański

Strategic projects


help is in our blood

An online campaign, promoting the idea of honourable blood donation and the first internet community in Poland and in the World, dedicated to blood donors and recipients.


Frolics festival 2020

We are promoting Poland and Polish style through … apples. It’s the largest long-term project of the State of Poland foundation, it’s already being talked about and will be talked about even more.


About the greatness and loss of the II Republic

A historic film project, reminding us of the incredible achievements of exceptional people, who built the unappreciated, today, potential of the II Republic.

It’s worth speaking and boasting about great things, in our country and abroad.

Our projects

We promote the Polish economy and a Polish lifestyle / We discuss important social topics / We transmit knowledge about Polish history and Polish achievements

We transmit knowledge about Polish history and Polish achievements


Niepospolita is an attempt to create stories anew about the II Republic, in a modern, very emotional and yet realistic and substantive way. It is a summary of Polish achievements, atmosphere, the universal state of mind and the hope for an illuminated future in the interwar period, which was accomplished before the tragedy on the 1st of September 1939.

We discuss important social topics


There is no gift more precious than blood, which can mean health or even life for others. When pandemic times brought new hope in the form of plasma from the recovered, the need to increase public awareness about blood donation also crystallized.

We promote the Polish economy and a Polish lifestyle

Celebrate with us the time of #Jabłonki!

Listen to the legend about Jabłonki – a campaign, which has made Polish apples famous all around the world. There is no lack of demand for them.
Everything began in September 2020, and effects surpassed all expectations.

Important topics | Analyses


Expert studies on past and current political, social and economic events.

EU loses billions due to profit shifting by multinational companies, moving the wealth by rich individuals and due to cross-border VAT frauds.

Learn about the Three Seas – the most ambitious geopolitical project of our time.


FakeHunter Challenge!

A campaign is launched to fight Fake News online. Join the FakeHunters and win prizes!

Photo competition

How did you spend #Jabłonki? In an orchard? Baking, at home with friends? In a restaurant? We are waiting for your pictures

Jabłonki is coming. Time for frolics!

Have fun, frolic, taste, be happy! Celebrate with us the time of #Jabłonek. Listen to the legend of the three Jabłonki – beautiful, slender, mysterious.…
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About State of Poland

Our goals

We tell the world about Poland. The real one – modern, innovative, taking initiative and full of energy to act. We present our country in a new, inspiring and original context – as an attractive, stimulating place with its own clearly defined and unique character.

We create a modern image of the Polish economy by promoting economic, technological, social, cultural and artistic achievements both at home and abroad.