We are living in times of fake news.

Fake news can affect anyone, there are more and more and are more harmful.

The “magic” of fake news lies in its attractiveness, which almost forces us to read it, click on it and share it with others. The second characteristic of a good fake news is its apparent credibility. All these elements cause that the lie which is fake news, begins a life of its own. To correct it is very difficult.

To minimize the effect of destruction caused by fake news, we shared a tool fakehunter.pap.pl, in which you can report fake news and pages www on which they have appeared. How can we fight with fake news? The creators of disinformation prey on our lack of awareness, credibility and emotions. Let us not give them this satisfaction, let’s look with a critical eye on everything that is “too beautiful and too accurate to be true”. This is the first step.

A few people, touched by fake news, took part in our campaign. In their case one fake news can often mean a tarnished career and reputation.

Take a look at what Edyta Herbuś and Agnieszka Kaczorowska think about the fight with fake news. Our media expert Marta Zarosa also talks about the fake news phenomenon.

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