The people. The grandeur. The loss.

Ludzie, Wielkość, Strata.

We are pleased to announce that the project initiated by our Foundation under the name of „The Rarepublic” has currently entered the final stages of completion..

What is The Rarepublic about and what does it stand for? It seems to be easier to answer this by saying what it isn’t.

In the bluntest terms The Rarepublic is a promotional project built around a short film of the same title, accompanied by PR efforts and using publications in social media and more.

The above short definition does not in the slightest reflect the complexity of the message and emotions entrapped within the film. The Rarepublic is an attempt at a fully new narrative about the Second Republic of Poland.

In the common awareness the Second Republic of Poland is a long-forgotten, distant world which does not have any bearing on our contemporary lives. On the contrary, the interwar period proved to be an exceptional time in Polish history. Following a 123-year absence from the maps of Europe, in the midst of post-partition chaos, and thanks to the hard work and incredible capabilities of its people – those known, and those, whose names were not recorded in history – Poland returned as a fully-functioning, independent state.

The Rarepublic is a film which tells the stories of those extraordinary men and women and their achievements; a film which depicts the Grandeur of Poland and the irretrievable Loss that was lurking in the shadows.

The film also administers a hefty dose of historical knowledge, pungent details, and full-bodied anecdotes from long bygone, and yet so recent times, which show the then contemporary Poland for what it was – a country full of life, positive energy, and prospects for an even greater future which would have undoubtedly come if it was not for the outbreak of the Second World War.

Finally, it should be known that the music used in the film was made by the musicians of the young generation, who gave the old tunes of the twenties a completely fresh sound, adding another dimension to this story. The Rarepublic trailer:

The Rarepublic trailer:

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