Party on Mysia Street

On Tuesday, November the 5th, 2019, a ceremonial, private premiere of film work The Rarepublic was held at 3 Mysia Street, on the 3rd floor.

The event brought together the flower of local society – our sponsors, creators, representatives of the public authorities, institutions, and companies; military; influential guests from the press, culture, arts, and education; to the honour of which a grand party was held as it used to be in the good, old golden years.

Amongst the most honourable guests were the representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Development and Infrastructure, as well as of the State development bank – Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK).

The event was opened with a short speech from the Chairman of Foundation for the Promotion of Development – Mr Wlodzimierz Dola. Afterwards the floor was taken by the scriptwriters – Danuta Nierada and Milosz Lodowski. The moments of expectation were further prolonged by the director – Tomasz Dobosz. Finally, the first screening of the film began.

For the next 20 minutes the focused guests sat in silence. Smiles lit up some faces, and tears ran down some cheeks. After the film was finished a standing ovation was preceded by an emphatic silence, full of reflection. Such emotions were awoken by The Rarepublic.

Then it was time for the unofficial celebration. The musical background for backstairs talks was provided by the DJ – Seb Skalski. An interwar fashion show presented by the GRH Bluszcz was an additional attraction. As was a canine guest – a stunning look-alike of Eugeniusz Bodo’s great dane, Arlekin.

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