Jabłonki is coming. Time for frolics!

September is the time, when we play, taste, frolic and celebrate a gift, which is given to us by our native land – the best apples.

Listen to the legend of the three Jabłonki – beautiful, slender, mysterious. For centuries now, at night in Polish orchards, they perform their magic. Their charm, love and care towards nature, has made Polish apples famous in the world and has ensured that there is no lack of demand for them. Listen to the legend about the Polish orchard man, who inspired by the legend of Jabłonki, puts his whole heart, care and knowledge in the cultivation of his trees, so that when harvest time comes he can take, out of his orchards a true treasure and a grand richness of the Polish nation – apples. Unequalled in the world, in terms of quality, taste and appearance.

That is why on the 28th of September, grateful towards nature and the best Polish orchard men, we celebrate the time of Jabłonki, which are so generous towards our Polish land.


In the same way Japan is the country of cherry blossoms, so Poland is the country of blooming apple trees, and the best, most beautiful, juicy and healthy apples. This needs to be celebrated!

Jabłonki can’t be compared to any other feast. It lasts from the end of August till the beginning of October. One can say that Jabłonki starts when the orchard man picks the first fruit, beginning by this the annual harvest, and finishes, when the last jar of preserves is closed with care and placed on a shelf.

It is a time when we celebrate our lives together on Earth, which so generously pours onto us the gifts of health, taste and energy straight from the sun. Because Polish apples are Polish history, native legends, a family home, an apple crumble baked by grandma, it’s vacations spent in the countryside with family. It is our link with tradition, which will not pass and which will accompany future generations.

The apple is with us ever since we can remember. Practically everyone is brought up on it. It’s such a common and ordinary fruit, that we often don’t even notice its presence.

That is why, literally and figuratively we want to come back with you to our picturesque Polish orchards with a wicker basket filled with smiles and willingness for frolics in the shade of apple trees. Join us on the 28th of September 2020.

In honor of Jabłonki, together with The Dumplings we have organised a unique feast for your eyes and ears on State of Poland’s Youtube channel. Listen to the legend, the musical one and the one about the three Jabłonki.

You can find more information about Jabłonki and other related attractions on the page: www.jablonki.com

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