Campaign for donors and recipients of plasma

Why was created?

In the second half of 2020 a new hope was given to those suffering from Covid-19 – blood plasma of those who had recovered from the virus was proven to be an effective tool to fight with coronavirus.
While awaiting the development of a vaccine, it was decided to use the promising medicinal properties of plasma from people who had the virus.
There was a need to raise awareness amongst people about convalescent plasma, to encourage them to donate it for the sick and to fight the pandemic.

This is where we come in

How did we manage to inspire people to donate plasma?

We created – the first internet community which brings convalescents together with those suffering from COVID, and builds awareness about blood donation and coronavirus.

The website

If there is a community there should also be a website, which includes:

  • basic information about the role of convalescent plasma in the process of treating Covid-19,
  • information about the requirements from plasma donors and the offered amenities,
  • information about the procedure of donating plasma,
  • a map and addresses of the blood donation points, with a search engine,
  • a test verifying whether the participant is qualified to be a plasma donor,
  • an FAQ section.

Additionally, to emphasize the social character of the campaign, the page provides the following functionalities to its users:

  • a registration system and accounts for participants of the campaign,
  • a shoutbox – a panel displaying short messages from participants, visible to all,
  • a localisation function of the nearest blood donation points, on the basis of the declared during registration city of residence,
  • a counter of those registered on the page: Donors and Recipients of plasma.

To complete the social image of the campaign, we also created an application, which duplicates and gives an easy access to all the functionalities of the main page, such as:

  • all the provided information,
  • the registration process,
  • search engine for blood donation points,
  • shoutbox.
The campaign was accompanied by promotion measures

TV campaign – Spot TV 30”

see our TV Ad

Outdoor – large advertisements in Polish cities

Internet campaign

Communication on social profiles of the Foundation State of Poland

PR activities run by a third party

These are the countable effects of the campaign:


Number of TV spot views

46 026 711,00

WWW users

28 000

Number of registered donors


Facebook video views

1 110 706

Twitter video views

445 570

Youtube video views

1 179 000

Seen Facebook video

534 000

Seen Twitter video

177 139

Seen Youtube video

61 000

Social media views

2 735 276

Seen social media

772 139

The uncountable effects are also important to us!

Our impressions from the first month of the duration of the campaign on the basis of the direct feedback from receivers and users of social media:

  • The television spot was warmly received, as shown by the comments under posts about the campaign on our social media accounts.
  • We observed more interest for blood and plasma donation, as well as determination from candidates for donors, and a lot of will for action.
  • Under posts, in emails and telephone calls with the Foundation State of Poland, there were many questions about donating plasma (such as: How? Where? When? Who can donate?).
  • There are more questions about blood donation and the different ways of fighting with Covid-19. The characteristic is that the substantive of those questions went far beyond the content of that which was presented in our campaign, which we find very positive and an expected effect of our actions. That is why in collaboration with doctors and experts we created on the website and the application, a section of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) with exhaustive answers, with links to reliable scientific sources.

Our task is done, but we still want expand task was to encourage convalescents to donate plasma to fight Covid-19. This task is completed. Our goals have changed. has big potential to continue its mission in a new formula and other areas of communication:

  • We want to use our existing base to continue the promotion of honorary blood donation, without relating it to the pandemic:
  • We want to keep and develop our actions which stand out by their social formula.

We want to create a close collaboration with blood donation centres all around Poland, through:

  • support programmes for centres and local blood donation units,
  • competitions and rewards for outstanding local blood donation units,
  • promoting attitudes which are associated with honorary blood donation amongst society
  • rewarding outstanding blood donors,
  • patronage on events and projects related to blood donation and haemotherapy.