Jabłonki. Frolics 2020

A campaign promoting the Polish apple and the Polish lifestyle.

Listen to the legend about Jabłonki – a campaign, which has made Polish apples famous all around the world. There is no lack of demand for them.
Everything began in September 2020, and effects surpassed all expectations.

Why #Jabłonki?

We Poles love apples! An apple is healthy, good and beautiful. There is no other such positive food. It’s been with us ever since we can remember. Practically every Pole was brought up on apples – it’s often our first solid food. It’s such an ordinary fruit, that we often don’t even notice it’s presence. We have forgotten about it. It’s a shame, because Polish apples suit Polish traditions perfectly and contain positive energy.
Look, how without hesitation we have reached out to it, to create a campaign close to the heart of Poles and to rediscover Polish apples once again.

Polish Apples are a phenomenon and a global brand.

We wanted Polish apples to be something like Beaujolais Nouveau is for France. We wanted for Poland to be thought of as the country of blooming apple trees, similarly to how Japan is the country of cherry blossoms. So that Polish apples would become a global brand – an icon, of which we could boast to all and sundry.
And so in our campaign story the apple has become the leading motive.




In 2020 we concentrated on building awareness about Polish apples amongst Poles. We engaged all of their senses into it – taste, sight, smell, touch and hearing



The next step was to create and continue the tradition of a yearly celebration of the Polish apple. In September 2020 we began celebrating Jabłonki.

Celebrate with us the time of #Jabłonki!

In 2020 we created not only an occasion, but also a legend which gave us reasons to celebrate the richness of Polish apples.

Jabłonki in social media

How Facebook
and Instagram bloomed with flowers from Polish orchards…

We began our campaign in May on State of Poland foundation’s Facebook and Instagram, where we suggested a photo competition #PolskieJabłonie. The theme was the beauty of blooming Polish orchards.

We received more than 2000 photos of high aesthetic value.


photos submitted
Then came the time for real frolics, that is

Festival #JABŁONKI!

On the 4thof September 2020 the 360 campaign began, with the motto:
Have fun, frolic, taste, be happy. Celebrate with us the time of #Jabłonki!
This is how the festival #Jabłonki was born.
We decided to make our festival known to all. That is why, simultaneously we dreamed about other ideas on our social media accounts and other areas of our marketing activities.


campaign launch

Jabłonki quickly seduced TV viewers

In September 2020 three Jabłonki – beautiful and mysterious girls from our TV spot charmed 2.5 million Poles.

Especially for the occasion of #Jabłonki a musical piece was created

Jabłonki “I love you my darling”

performed by The Dumplings, which was used in the TV spot.


of respondents recognized our piece spontaneously

A rich and extensive website was created

Our story has its own heart and is the central point of our website www.jablonki.com

The page became a treasure house of knowledge about Polish apples and presented news from the world of #Jabłonki

A mural was also created
We entered restaurants

During the #Jabłonki festival, it was possible to taste apple delicacies in friendly restaurants:

We sent food trucks into town

In the streets and squares of chosen cities, specially branded food trucks appeared, which offered a street food menu consisting of apple dishes.

The action was accompanied by a PR campaign in chosen canals and with the collaboration of chosen journalists. Additionally, infographics about Polish apples were published in magazines.
The topic of Jabłonki appeared as many as 4 times in the programme “Pytanie na śniadanie”.


in morning TV

Campaign in Auchan

For #Jabłonki Auchan introduced a special offer on apples grown in Poland by Polish orchard men.

6 million

recipients of the #Jablonki in Auchan campaign


of respondents saw our ad thanks to Auchan’s newsletter



our campaign was supported by more than 40 influencers and bloggers from lifestyle, food, fashion and travel industries


This is the number of Poles we have reached
Jabłonki in social media


Our campaign was accompanied by simultaneous informative and engaging activities on State of Poland Foundation’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It reached as many as 2.2 million recipients!

Our photographic competitions were very popular, they motivated our compatriots to be creative and show their talents, which are alive in all of us. These are the effects:

2,2 million

this is the number of people we reached with our competitions

The results of our campaign surpassed all our expectations

It came out during opinion polls that after a month:


of those interviewed have recently heard about slogans linked to the promotion of Polish apples


spontaneously recalled a slogan directly linked to the Jabłonki campaign


had the awareness of helping out the campaign


of those interviewed have seen the Jabłonki promotional spot

The Legend will continue!

In 2021 we intend to continue our work to popularize the celebration of the feast of #Jabłonki in the current, but continuously enriched form.

The new campaign will start at the turn of August and September.

Don’t miss it!