Hello, History!

Current trends in the teaching of history.

Each historical period has its own way in which to tell history.

So how should it be done today, in the digital era? What form would be encouraging, engaging, entertaining and would at the same time present it in its full scope and remain true to the reality of the period? If we choose to make a historical film, then how should it be acted out, around what visual effects should the scenario be built? Should we perhaps turn to the newest technology, such as VR?

The Hello, History! Event took place on December 11 2019 at the FINA movie theatre and was a meeting of contemporary filmmakers. The debate was attended by the Prime Minister, Matusz Morawiecki, as well as by Maciej Pawlicki – the producer and co-author of The Legions; Adam Borowski – the originator and co-producer of The Legions; Tomasz Dobosz – the director of The Rarepublic; Danuta Nierada – co-scriptwriter for The Rarepublic; Tomasz Okoń – the originator and producer of a YouTube channel under the name of Uncensored History [Historia bez cenzury]; and finally Pawel Przewoźny aka Under – a musician and rap singer.

‘The more than 1000 years of Polish sovereignty makes it one of the oldest in Europe. We survived a great deal and I hope that the inspirations of the past will have an effect on our present and give us motivation for future years’, Mr Mateusz Morawiecki said in his speech given during the event.

The Prime Minister emphasised that history has to be taught through various channels: sport, culture, works of arts (such as rap). ‘In doing so we support the youth in learning discipline, making effort, and we inspire them to change the world’ Mr Morawiecki said.

Excerpts from The Legions and The Rarepublic were screened during the meeting as well as was the trailer for a historical performance – Postcard from the Uprising. They all served as examples in the discussion on the most promising channels in the telling of history as well as presenting new, advanced filmmaking technologies. After the debate the guests had the chance to experience VR technology as applied in the Postcard from the Uprising project.

The guests acclaimed the rap singer, Under, who performed during the event. He says that by writing and singing his songs, which are deeply touching and inspired by patriotic writings and history, he wages war on stereotypes surrounding rap music and wants to show that values can be communicated in many ways that are suited to young Poles.

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