Krewki.pl. Help is in our blood.

These holidays are exceptional. Unfortunately, in the negative sense. Many people won’t see each other during this time, they won’t be able to cuddle, they won’t receive presents. However, there is a way to remedy this and do something unusual.

It turns out that in Poland, this Christmas A.D 2020, the most priceless present, with which we can surprise others, is the gift of life. In a world, which is disorganised by the pandemic, there is a new hope for those who are suffering from Covid-19 – convalescent plasma. It is a liquid component of blood which is collected from people who have happily gone through the virus. Its uniqueness is evidenced by the presence of antibodies, which a healthy body unmarked by the virus cannot produce on its own. Total antibodies appear only after a difficult and often slow and risky recovery process.

Convalescent plasma has a very beneficial effect on the process of treating Covid-19, and it could be that it will soon be what will provoke the avalanche of recoveries. Why avalanche?

Imagine a snowball which is rolling down a hillside. Snowflakes stick unto that small ball. These snowflakes are in turn joined by others, and to those others, and so it goes on. Before we look around, we will be dealing with an unstoppable ball, which will sweep all obstacles on its way.

Poland wants to induce such an effect, thanks to blood plasma taken from donors who have gone through Covid-19. It will help other people to recover. These people, after recovery, will be able to donate plasma to other sick people, and so on. An avalanche, remember?

How to induce such an effect? Every country in Europe has its method, but Poland wants to do something exceptional – to create a bottom-up social movement. Krewki.pl is a newly founded, called by State of Poland Foundation community, which brings together convalescent plasma donors and those who need antibodies recipients. Thanks to Krewki.pl as a registered-donor, member of the community, you can check how many people in your area need plasma and declare your readiness to help. You can also check where to donate plasma and the requirements which you must fulfill. The website and application, ensures the possibility to invite a convalescent friend to join the campaign. You will have access to the community thanks to the page www or through the dedicated application KREWKI. You only need to register as a user. Unlike other similar campaigns, krewki does not collect or process any data. It is a way to support local communities and raise awareness without additional obstacles and barriers. Krewki is a bottom-up movement, motivated by a pure desire to help.

The plasma collection procedure isn’t complicated. It’s called Plasmapheresis.

The procedure is different from a blood donation procedure. It usually lasts about 30 minutes, during which the blood goes to the “so-called” separator – a device that separates platelets and other components from the plasma.

After going through the separator, the platelets and other blood components are returned to their happy owner. He is all the more happy, because apart from the pleasure of helping others, he is entitled to the same gratitude as regular blood donors receive, and even more so!


The campaign is accompanied by media communication. It shows, in an emotional way, St. Nicholas in the hospital, connected to a ventilator. Not only will he not be able to bring gifts this year, but he is the one who needs a gift – plasma. In this way, we emphasize the social need to help, especially the elderly, who are particularly susceptible of contracting the virus and suffer all the more from possible complications.

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