Beautiful Poland. Beautiful Poles. 

There have been several videos on the internet of 100 people stating their age, from the tender age of 0 to the ripe old age of 100.

There is a Dutch version, an American version, a Chinese version, a Senegalese version and many more. 

These videos are all incredibly beautiful in their simplicity; there is a rawness and emotion to this simple act of looking into the camera and revealing one’s age. There is something profoundly human about them, perhaps because they capture the melancholy of life and remind us of the ephemeral nature of time. 

We knew that Poland also has to be a part of this incredible trend. So we put out a request online, for people to send us videos of themselves stating their age. 

We want to not only capture the essence of the Polish soul, but also the beauty of Poland and of the Poles. 

Coming soon.